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MANSFIELD – The deadly synthetic opioid Carfentanil has been detected recently in Richland County.

According to a press release from Lt. Joseph Petrycki, METRICH Enforcement Unit Commander, , the Mansfield Division of Police Forensic Science Laboratory has found Carfentanil in several confiscated illicit drug samples. Carfentanil is 100 times as potent as fentanyl, making it the most potent commercial opioid. Its only intended use is as a sedative for large animals.

Carfentanil was first encountered by the MPD laboratory during the summer and fall of 2016. Since that time, the laboratory has also encountered other potent opioids,including Acetylfentanyl, Acrylfentanyl, Furanyl fentanyl, Cyclopropyl fentanyl, 3-methyl fentanyl and Methoxyacetyl fentanyl.

The METRICH Enforcement Unit continues to try to identify the source or sources that are bringing the Carfentanil and fentanyl into Richland County, Petrycki said.

The announcement comes on the heels of Wednesday’s federal drug raid after 39 people were indicted federally. Between 250 to 300 agents were involved in the raids that focused on two separate drug trafficking rings involving people in at least four states. The majority of those indicted are from the Mansfield area.

The METRICH Enforcement Unit encourages citizens to continue to be proactive by reporting suspected drug activity. Citizens can call the METRICH Crime Tip Hotline at 419-52-CRIME (419-522-7463) or the Task Force line at 419-755-9728.

Richland Public Health (RPH) also offers resources for citizens at risk of opioid verdose. RPH is a Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided with Naloxone) site, which provides education and Narcan kits to at-risk individuals and their loved ones. Citizens can call RPH at 419-774-4700 or visi to for more information.

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